3 Kitchen DIY Projects You Can Get Done Tomorrow

Making your kitchen a little more unique and useful is very important to a great kitchen. Add that extra spice with these three kitchen DIY projects that will have your kitchen looking great again!

1.  Use Wall Space

Using all your wall space could be your next project to tackle for tomorrow. Adding a few extra storage tools could transform your kitchen with little difficulty.

Incorporating storage into your backsplash and walls will give you an extra way to keep everything in your kitchen organized. Organization is key to a great kitchen and this is a simple project that will not take up too much time or too much money. Storage could be the easiest, yet most productive project you do for your kitchen tomorrow.

Adding hanging storage has been very popular recently, so why not hop on the trend and create a perfect storage area for your kitchen equipment. You won’t be disappointed with your results!

2.  Swap Your Faucet

A quick swap of your faucet could add extra features and accessibility like you never had before, so don’t hesitate on this easy DIY project.

Swapping your faucet could be your first taste into DIY plumbing, something that could be a little tricky. Follow instructions and make sure to turn off your water lines before starting to ensure a quick and easy install. A simple change of your fixture could add so many more features, as well, especially since we are in 2020. A faucet isn’t just a faucet anymore, so pick out a great one and change your kitchen’s most used item.

3.  Change Out Hardware

Changing the hardware throughout your kitchen can be inexpensive and a great upgrade to your kitchen, so change it up tomorrow!

A simple update of your knobs and pulls could be a great way to push your kitchen to the next level. Find knobs that are the same size so that you don’t have to re-drill the cabinets and make it more of a difficult process. Minimal is key, so don’t go overboard, and find some hardware that will complement your kitchen.

With minimal money and time, you can get your kitchen those extra updates that will have it looking young again. It only takes an hour, so get it done tomorrow! Check out some Calgary homes for sale to get started on your kitchen projects.

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