9 Most Interesting Facts about Facebook in 2019

Today Facebook is one of the most important media tools of today. For this reason, we have prepared some exciting Facebook statistics. For example, did you know that with 2.3 billion active users, Facebook is the most widely used social networking site?

1. 39% of users claim to follow Facebook pages because they want to receive special offers

To motivate fans or target audience, many FB pages offer exclusive offers for liking or sharing a post. This strategy works well for large and small businesses.

2. The average organic reach of the post is 6.4% of the total number of fans

There are many myths and half-truths about this topic. Some of them claim that the organic reach will not exceed 2% of the people watching your page. But the truth is that posts reach around 6.4% of fans. While the high number of likes on a page is essential, keep in mind that fans will not do your work for you. People need to create posts that encourage engagement, no matter how many fans they have.

3. 47% of users view the Facebook page via the mobile app

This means that almost half of all Facebook users see ads on the phone. It is also known that lovers of mobile apps are more frequent users of the social network. Therefore, Facebook content must be mobile-optimized. Make sure your landing pages, which bring people from your ad, are optimized. Publish vertical photos and videos. Format long text posts, so they are easy to read on your mobile. Restrict the “Read More” button. Also it is good to mention that there are special terms and conditions for gambling-related or casino mobile apps.

4. The most effective ad title length is four words, for a caption 15 words

Ads with a 4-word headline and a 15-word caption are most user-friendly. If you incite their curiosity and the so-called feeling of FOMO (fear of missing out), even better.

5. Videos with automatic audio annoy 80% of users

Most of us scroll through the Facebook feed in public – in the bus, at work, in the store queue. And with every sound coming out of your phone, you get the unpleasant attention of others. Advertisers are aware of this and they are making ads without music. And since most people will not hear audio from your video ads at all, you need to include relevant headlines and engaging visuals.

6. Videos with subtitles have longer watch-time by 12%

Videos that include subtitles can capture and engage viewers for a longer period of time. It is because they do not have to have sound on and still enjoy the video.

7. Video ads have 3 seconds to attract the attention

Just 3 seconds – it sounds like nothing, but for video ads, this fraction of time is crucial. The first 3 seconds decide whether a user watches a video or not.

8. Shorter posts have 23% more interactions than longer posts

Short and interesting. This is a lesson that every Facebook page manager should keep in mind. Again, the audience enjoys consuming social content as it goes, so you need to capture their attention quickly.

9. Video posts are shared more than other types of posts

This is another good reason to incorporate video content into your Facebook marketing strategy. The average video share rate is around 89.5 shares.

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