Advantages and Disadvantages of Distance Education

There are several advantages but also some disadvantages of online learning.

The first advantage is the comfort. It is a negative factor for a salary increase that you never finished college and you simply cannot quit your job and dedicate your time to finish your degree, then the solution would be to enroll as a student into an online school to complete your studies.

People who cannot continue for a degree because of their time or geographic constraints can attend classes from their home computer. While you have not to leave your home, distance learning permits to save time and gas.

The main potential disadvantage could be the price because some online education programs usually cost a pretty penny. Luckily financing is available and if you choose the right schools, then you can obtain a quality degree at a low tuition price. You just have to find them.

Another price consideration is related to the employer reimbursement. Since the employers want their employees to develop skills and to be more educated some of them are actually offering reimbursement for distance education degrees. But keep in mind, some companies will restrict the amount covered for the distance learning and your continuing education. If you are actually employed, it’s really worth to check how much does your company cover for you and how much it doesn’t

Other things you have to look at when comparing the disadvantages and advantages of distance learning are:

1. Distance education is mainly comprised of part-time instructors, there are no research labs while the traditional colleges have tenured professors and labs where students can practice.

2. Online education usually provides a lower instructor to student ratio than the traditional schools could offer.

Regarding the individual’s learning style, some students are able to learn when there is a live interaction between them and the teacher while others don’t really need it. Before doing a choice, you need to do a fair analysis regarding the kind of person you are.

A few years ago, distance education was seen as inferior but nowadays even universities and traditional colleges are providing distance learning courses and it is generally considered a way to learn and improve one’s life.

In the infographic below you can learn more why you may want to pursue an online education course and why it may prove advantageous to your future.

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