Dedicated VS. Virtual Server

When it comes to web hosting, purchasing a dedicated server is ultimately the peak of which any webmaster tends to dream of, but a difference must be made between Dedicated Server (DDS) and Dedicated Virtual Server (Private, VPS or VDS).

Before making the difference we have to say that there are striking similarities between the two, so for someone who is unaware they might consider them one and the same. Both types of hosting offer excellent performance compared to shared hosting and are usually used by professionals.

But let’s also go to the differences.

Major Differences:

The term Dedicated Server is used to describe a type of web hosting in which you receive access to a physical machine (server) that is no longer used by anyone other than you, its resources are entirely available to you.

The term VPS or Virtual Private Server (sometimes the term Virtual Dedicated Server or VDS) is somewhat similar to the Dedicated Server only if you do not receive the entire machine for use but are assigned a well-defined part of it. As an example: if we have a Dedicated Server with a 100 GB HDD, 4 processors totaling 10 GHz and 10 GB RAM, we can divide it into 10 VPS, each having 10 GB of HDD space, 1 GB of RAM also allocated as 1GHz processor. Of course, if we do not do overselling, in which case we can divide it into more than 10 VPS


When it comes to costs, VPS can be purchased at a much lower price than Dedicated Servers. A VPS can cost from 15-20 EURO per month while a dedicated server starts from 50-60 EUR per month. Of course, these costs can increase as needed, a VPS can cost several hundred euros if you want more resources.

Features and facilities

In general, hosting on VPS is much more limited than on a Dedicated Server, especially when it comes to software installation. Some providers have quite strict restrictions in this regard, while on dedicated servers you can practically install and use any software you want as long as it is legal and you have the knowledge to do so.

If you intend to purchase a VPS plan it is best to ask the hosting provider first what you can install and what not.

In conclusion, a dedicated server is much more powerful and can be more flexible than a VPS, although if you have average hosting needs, you may not notice a big difference between a Dedicated Server and a VPS.

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