Just like Twitter, a lot of time and energy is needed on marketing that takes place via Instagram. Instead of links and text, one should focus on having a good and appealing flow of well-adapted inspirational images that suit the target audience and the potential followers.

It is important that you have already made sure that the company’s Instagram account follows many of the people who can be considered to belong to the target group. In this way, the Instagram account with greater certainty gets more followers and more advertising. Images and PR through images allow more visually-oriented customers to have a better overall image of the company. This can be very beneficial as it increases the group of people the company can reach.

Post a clear strategy on how to promote your online store or website on Instagram before you actually do it. Then follow this plan and think about how you can make it as effective as possible. This can include, for example, how often you should update, what kind of visual images you should post on the account, what hashtags and categories you want to move in, etc. Also, think about which potential customers you want to follow and which pictures to use to promote the company through the Instagram account.

With many of the new upcoming features on Instagram, you will also be able to advertise, which can, in turn, cost a lot due to the incredible competition. However, one thing you can do is that, provided you have a large network and great opportunities to get likes, try to come up on the homepage as one of the most recently uploaded images with the most likes. This provides an incredible amount of exposure because basically every person who uses Instagram will check the images on the home page first, and then go into your account (if they choose your image) and check out what you have previously published. This is of course very difficult to achieve directly and requires that you constantly spend time and energy on marketing yourself on Instagram. Another way of getting likes is by buying them. For example, you can buy IG views from buzzvoice.

Furthermore, when marketing on Instagram, you can easily showcase your products in everyday use and create the perfect environment that shows goods and products in a desirable way. In other words, show all the followers what’s good about the product without posting sad product images. It is what products add to their everyday lives and how the product can suit their needs. This creates a more must-have desire for customers as they get to see how these products can benefit them. At the same time, displaying a more personal page of your company also helps in this purpose, which means that all followers feel involved in the company and feel that they can really follow along and stay updated.

In addition to the visual aspect and how you should generally go for marketing on Instagram, you should also think about purely practical parts of this marketing. An example could be that you post an image that shows the benefit of a selected product in a visually appealing way – then you link to the product page in the post. In this way, everything becomes easily accessible and interested customers can find out more information and check out the product promoted through your company’s Instagram account. This simplifies the actual buying process and at the same time provides more traffic to your website or e-store.

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