Improving Your Business: The 5 Best Tips for Instagram Marketing

Having a presence on Instagram can change your whole brand and grow it to heights you may not have ever imagined. Instagram is a huge social networking platform with over 4.2 billion likes per day, two times more engagement on photos than other platforms, and a vast following of a whole generation. Let’s face it; if you’re not using Instagram to excel your business in 2018, then you’re marketing wrong. There are so many ways you can market successfully with Instagram and sometimes it can even be free. What better way to get your business or company known than showcasing it to over 800 million monthly users? If you’re able to post the right content before you know it, you’ll have a large active following, and you’ll be bringing in new users all the time.

Sometimes doing the smallest changes can help your profile become a lot better and marketing the right content can lead to a huge following. We’ve put together a list below of some tips you may want to consider helping with your Instagram marketing and why you should do it ASAP.

  1. Utilize free tools – Similarly to Facebook business profiles, Instagram has insight tools too. While it may cost money to promote your profile, you can see who’s viewing it without putting a dollar into the website. This will help to show you who you should be marketing towards on your Instagram and who is interested in your business. The demographics of your followers, including gender and location, can really help to boost your profile, and it’s marketing techniques.
  2. Create sponsored content and advertisements – Although it costs money, it doesn’t have to cost a lot, and a little really does go a long way. You can control how much you want to spend on the ads, and the platform will never go over this. It’s definitely ideal if you’re only a small business wanting to get your business a more significant following. Business like VeryVoga regularly produce targeted sponsored content, and their profiles are currently growing rapidly by the day.
  3. Collaborate with influencers – Depending on the size of your business will decide on who you’ll partner up with. There are plenty of bigger influencers out there who will ask for a lot of money for maybe one or two mentions, but there are also smaller influencers who won’t ask for quite as much. Evaluate your finances and see what type of influencer would be best for your business, then act on it and talk to them. If you decide not to work with them right now, at least you have their contact information and can work with them in the future. Instagram marketing and influencers are the central part to most businesses these days, and they definitely go hand in hand.
  4. Use Instagram stories and the ‘swipe up’ feature – It’s surprising the number of people who will actually look at your businesses story but won’t always like or look at your pictures. Having the ‘swipe up’ feature is great too as a lot of people will simply do as you say because they want to know more, especially if you’re putting out engaging content. The dress brand JJ’s House benefits from this.
  5. Regram other users’ photos – Amazingly, you may not ever need to take your own marketing photos, there are hundreds of bloggers, vloggers, and Instagram famous people out there that choose to post their favorite pictures on Instagram. Regramming (using their photo) onto the official business page will make you look like a brand who cares about their following, and it means they’re doing all the hard work for you!

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