Outdoor vacations: What to bring camping in the summer?

Summer holidays are full of opportunities to live new experiences. For this reason, being stuck in the same prototypical ideas of vacation like going to the beach can be a limit for yourself. Why don’t you change your plans for this summer and choose to go camping?

Change your mind and spend your holidays in nature

Although the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about camping is the classic movie scene of people gather together around the campfire, the charm of nature goes deeper than that.

We live surrounded by the hustle and bustle of the city, forgetting such essential things like onomatopoeias, the stars’ shine in the night sky or even the pleasant calm over the overwhelming stress of daily life.

Give yourself permission to detox from busy life and immerse yourself in nature. Being outdoors could be a transcendental encounter with Mother Nature that would make you learn to take life easier.

What do you need to ensure good camping?

Your camping adventure can be done with whoever you want to. You can go camping alone at your own pace, or maybe you can do a camping trip with your family or friends, or even you can go with your office colleagues in order to get to know you better.

Being specified the members of this outdoor adventure trip, it is important to ensure that it will be a great experience overall and that it won’t be any kind of mishap that could ruin your wonderful memory. In this sense, it is fundamental to prepare the necessary equipment and for this purpose what better than purchasing long-lasting quality products!

If you want to own all the necessary accessories to go camping and to make them a worthwhile investment, then you might consider Roam Vibes as your trusted store as long as this brand was created to provide all travel lovers, explorers and wanderlusters with functional and high-quality products.

In this online store you will find all you need to be an experienced camper:

A backpack

Whether it is a vintage travel backpack, a solar backpack with hydration bladder or an outdoor military shoulder backpack, you can choose among various models based on the length of your trek and the volume of your luggage.

For sleeping well

A camping sleeping back is always essential and as Roam Vibes want you to enjoy your trips without breaking the bank, they bring you a camping sleeping bag that is perfect for spring, summer and autumn. This is possible due to Premium TC Cottom which keeps the temperature between 9℃-15℃ (48℉ -59℉).

And if you don’t want to get bitten by mosquitoes you can bet on the Camping Hammock with mosquito net. Customers love it!

A suitable cooking set

For cooking you may need a portable camping cookware set, camping cookware pots, a camping gas stove and a gas tank bracket.

Another option could be a mini portable outdoor alcohol stove which is compact and has an exquisite appearance.

And to ensure you have everything you need to eat, a lightweight 4 in 1 outdoor tableware. You will have a knife, a fork, a spoon and a bottle opener all in one, it is perfect for saving space!

Basic cleaning supplies

When hot water isn’t available, you can trust your solar camp shower bag. It doesn’t need fire or butane gas because it is produced with PVC material that can absorbs the solar energy to heat up the water inside the shower bag.

And to ensure a good hygiene, what better than compressed travel towels. This cotton tissues can be used for your hands, face and even as toilet paper. It is as easy as putting cold or warm water for several seconds and these towels will expand.

First aid kit

Be prepared with your outdoor paracord survival kit. This lightweight tool includes:

· knife

· eye knife

· aluminium foil

· needle

· wide

· magnifier

· tinder

· 2 weights

· 2 swivels

· fishing hook

· 2 floats

· fishing line

· paracord

And in order to complete your survival set, you may keep in mind that during summer there are more forest fires. As long as there are certain areas at risk of fire, it is necessary to prevent it by carrying a standard fire protection to extinguishes various types of fire by suffocating it. An emergency fire blanket will be your greatest ally.

Finally, to enjoy the outdoors without worrying about pesky bites a mosquito repellent bracelet kids & adults will be the perfect solution. It is waterproof and adjustable.


Furthermore, protection and comfort are really important so wearing suitable clothing and footwear for each type of activity will allow you to get the most out of every moment. Check the apparels offered by Roam Vibes and be ready for the adventure.

As you can see, organising the equipment for camping is not as wearisome as it would seem so. With this in mind why don’t you start by making a list of accessories you will need in your next adventure? Don’t think it any longer and spend your holidays in the nature. In Roam Vibes you will find everything you’ll need to ensure an unforgettable adventure!

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