Starting A Face Mask Business

Face mask used to be a medical-related item. Only doctors, nurses and some of the medical staff used to wear face masks in the operation theatre and in some particular wards. But COVID-19 has changed the definition of the mask altogether. Mask has been made compulsory in most parts of the world. So from kids to old people, everyone has to wear a mask.

So the demand for face masks is at bloom. This means it’s the perfect time to start a face mask business.  So what are the requirements? Actually not much required. Order a machine from a Chinese supplier for mask machines according to your budget and demand. Once the machine arrives you can set it up in a hall type room. You can check your local laws. You might have to move to the factory or commercial area.

Production is not a tough ask, particularly if the machine is of good quality. But I would personally suggest you to take care of the quality. Never ever compromise on the quality of the products that are life-saving. Facemask is one of the only products that’s been used to stop spreading pandemic. Even if you keep the quality high, you will still earn a reasonable profit,.

Selling these masks is not a tough task as well. You can sell them in local markets, clinics, hospitals, drug shops, departmental stores, etc. Or you can sell them to some distributor and focus on production only. Yes, the profit will be less in such cases but sales will be on the high side.

You can also sell face masks online by setting up a Facebook page or a website. Some facemask manufactures are creating colorful and artistic designs and prints on these masks. Such masks are getting the attention of trendy people and youth in particular. And they have set up the price 10 times more than the usual price.

So there are so many possibilities. It’s up to you how do you go with it.

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